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RSA is a public-key cryptosystem that is widely used for secure data transmission. 
The acronym “RSA” comes from the surnames of Ron RivestAdi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, who publicly described the algorithm in 1977.


An example when you might need an RSA key, is when you want to establish an (S)FTP connection without username and password.
The public key needs to be send (in a .txt file) to the system adminsistration.

From the SFTP client, you need to point to your Private Key.

  1. Select the desired lenght of the key. In this case 4096
  2. Click the button ‘Generate key pair
  3. Copy the the Private key, paste it in a text file (.txt)
  4. Copy the Public key, paste it in a text file (.txt)

    For detailled instructions on how to establish a connection with the SFTP server, contact your system administrator.

Official Website:

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